Do we really need another food blog?

Do we really need another food blog?

Writing the first post is never easy. You so desperately want to start with the right foot as you know that, if you don’t catch the interest of who is reading you in your first lines, you will loose him of her forever.

As many of you, I always dreamed about having a blog, writing something funny or even inspiring and getting a lot of attention. Although I’m a curios guy, I’m no expert in any particular area, so I always felt like I didn’t have so much to add in the “mare magnum” of the Internet.

Then, one day, I suddenly realized that I always had, literally next to me, a source of incredible ideas and knowledge.


My wife.


Vegetarian since the age of 5, she realized she couldn’t eat a cow with such sweet eyes, environmentalist right after, she turned vegan few years ago and always concerned she isn’t doing enough.

Luckily for me, she’s not that kind of nazi-vegan (I hate this terminology, but sadly it gives the idea) trying to convert everyone she meets. But she really knows it inside out and keeps updating with every new discovery.

Quite often she comes to me with things like “hey did you know that ginger and turmeric, combined with mint is very healthy for your stomach?” or “We really have to try this bio-nuts!”

Most of the time I pretend I heard it somewhere but I’m a terrible liar.

Ah, last but not least, we’re italian (both from Lucca, in the splendid Tuscany) and she is an amazing cook. She has revisited many italian recipes, some become the vegan version of the original, others are more a mix of italian / Asian.

I decided to share her knowledge. Well, at least what I understand of all the things we tells me.

So that’s what this blog is all about. Me telling you “how to survive with a vegan wife” and the result of her creativity and research.

P.s. first hint… nod a lot when she speaks so determinedly about something you don’t understand once you get your credit card will stay in your wallet.

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