Barley bread with pumpkin seeds

Barley bread with pumpkin seeds


We wanted to try something different for our bread, so we looked for a good recipe on the web. Although there are many excellent suggestion, we decided to create something on our own and we are quite proud of the result.


 – 500gr barley
– 20gr yeast
– 1 teaspoon of barley malt
– 500 ml warm water
– 1  teaspoon of salt
– 30 gr pumpkin seeds


 – plum cake mold
– pastry brush
– pastry board
– bowls


First, we started by grinding our bio-dynamic barley grains to have our fresh (and very smelly) flour. We have been using our home mill for a while now and every time we do our flour we always feel very proud of our baby machine!

On the side, we dissolved the yeast with warm water and barley malt and make it rest for about 15 minutes before using it.

After 15 minutes, we mixed yeast with the flour adding slowly water. It is important not to use all the water in one shot as the flour needs to absorb it slowly (like all the breads made in the plum cake mold, the dough must remain very hydrated).

Once finished, we covered the bowl with a kitchen towel and place it into the oven to rise. An old trick is to keep the oven off but switching on the lights. In this way we can reach a temperature of around 35 / 40 °, that is the best one to rise your dough.

After 3 hours we moved it into the plum cake mold, spread some water on both bottom and top with a pastry brush and place the pumpkin seeds.

We left it to rest for another hour, than we switched on the oven to 220° and insert the mold for 45 / 50 minutes to bake.

The result is a crusty and tasty bread, a bit unusual but worth trying!

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