Organic Nerone Whole Rice with Wild Asparagus

Organic Nerone Whole Rice with Wild Asparagus

Yesterday, as soon as we got back from our wonderful trip to Oman, I literally dragged Nicola to the supermarket, not only because the fridge was sadly empty, but also because I really wanted to have some good italian food (even if in Oman a vegan eats very well as Middle Eastern cuisine is largely based on vegetables).

Lingering in front of the organic counter (my preferred one), I noticed a splendid bunch of wild asparagus waiting for me. I immediately thought at “riso nerone” (black rice) I bought few weeks ago so I came up with this recipe.



 – 300gr of wild asparagus
– 200gr riso nerone
– 1,5 onion
– basil
– evo
– whole salt
– white pepper
– nutmeg



Clean the wild asparagus cutting the hardest part without trowing them. Cut also the asparagus tips and put it on the side for the moment.

Prepare a broth with the hard part of the asparagus, a small onion and a pinch of salt. During the preparation of the broth, put the remaining part of the asparagus in a casserole with a little bit of slightly salted water and parboil for 3/5 minutes, according to the dimensions of them.

Take half of them, dice them in small pieces that you will add during the last 5 minutes of the rice cooking.

Complete the parboil of the remaining half, then take them, drain and mix it with 1 teaspoon of olive oil, basil and marjoram (if you can’t find it not a big issue, you can still do it without).

Cut the onion in small dice than stew it with evo and white wine, toast the rice with it, then, add slowly the broth previously prepared. Make sure that the rice is always covered with the broth so to ensure a proper cooking.

After 35 minutes your rice should be almost cooked. You can add in the last 5 minutes the diced asparagus as well as the tips.

Stir the rice with vegan parmesan (made with almond and nutritional yeast) and the cream previously prepared.

Serve hot with a pinch of white pepper (optional) and some basil leaf, maybe with a good glass of dry white Sangiovese wine.

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