Tempeh “tagliata” with artichokes

Tempeh “tagliata” with artichokes

Here we are with another tasty recipe for a main course that can please vegan and non-vegan.

We have tried to adapt a meat recipe quite common and appreciated in Tuscany. Tuscany is renowned for high quality meat and our way to prepare has centuries of tradition. One very famous is the “Tagliata” (cut), where a big piece of meat (several cm high) is grilled for few minutes, then served in different ways, for example with artichokes.

Don’t worry, I’m not advertising on meat, but I fell right to give you a little bit of a context.

We will basically replace meat with tempeh and instead of grilling it we will cook all together in the oven. The recipe is very easy but we assure you the result is outstanding!


 – 300gr of tempeh
– 250gr of artichokes
– soy sauce
– evo
– lemon
– herbs
– white wine


So first of all slice both the tempeh and the artichokes. Make sure the artichokes are quite thin. Then, marinate the tempeh with soy sauce, evo and lemon for about 15 / 20 minutes.

Take a rectangular glass tray and create a first layer with your artichokes.

Then alternate them with a layer of tempeh. Add some herbs to flavor your creation. I used mint, basil and thyme.

Repeat a layer of artichokes and tempeh.

Sprinkle with lemon juice, white wine and olive oil.

Season to taste


Put into the oven at 200° for 25 minutes.


Serve hot and enjoy.

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