How to revamp your Curly Endive

How to revamp your Curly Endive

Today we tried to give a different perspective to an ingredient which is usually considered as a plain side: curly endive.

Curly endive, as all its siblings belonging to the generic family of “greens”, is used, most of the time, as one of base elements of your salad, but it is almost never considered the “rock star”. We all remember a good salad because it had nuts, or dried tomatoes, or tofu, or sprouts but I challenge anyone to say that the real differentiator is endive rather than iceberg or valerian.

That’s a “big” injustice we all commit to our green friend, so here’s our attempt to make amend. First of all, we are going to cook our curly endive because yes, you don’t have to eat it only raw, you can also cook it (needless to say my husband was quite surprise of that).

Our delicious recipe needs only a few basic ingredients.


– Curly endive (of course…)
– garlic
– Olives
– Dried tomatoes
– capers
– raising
– chili (we used powder but you can even cut it fresh)


As the big majority of the recipes in this blog, it comes from real life and, in real life, what is always missing is time so here we are with another quick recipe.

So, take a couple of pieces of garlic, crush them and put them in the pan with EVO and a bit of the oil of your olives. A teaspoon should be enough but it depends on how much endive you use.

Keep in mind that, while you cook it, the endive will release water so you don’t need a lot of EVO and your preparation will remain light. You don’t need to golden your garlic, you can add immediately the endive and chili and let it go, medium flame uncovered in the pan for about 10 minutes.

After that, add your olives, dried tomatoes, capers, and raisins. You can add a pinch of salt if you like but remember that dried tomatoes and capers will release it so they will already boost your seasoning. Cover the pan and keep going for another 15 minutes. Take out the garlic before serving it.

Here we are, with a little effort you made a very tasty side!

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