Cabbages Fantasia

Cabbages Fantasia

Sometimes you don’t need to spend hours and hours in your kitchen to create complex and elaborated dishes for you, your dear or your friends. Most of the time you race against the clock to propose something decent and you are often running out of ideas.

Yesterday I was in the same situation, I was tired after a long working day but, anyway, I didn’t give up and I made a virtue out of necessity.

I have already a soup but I was missing some veggies to go along with my marinated tempeh.

Winter season gives us some of my favorite veggies, all the different types of cabbages. I know, that doesn’t sound exciting but very little effort you can turn them into something delicious. I’ve used what I had in my fridge but you can add also other types.


– red cabbage
– kale
– broccoli
– Romanesco broccoli
– 2 pieces of garlic
– chilli pepper
– evo
– soy sauce



As always, one of my best allies is the wok pan.

So, crush the 2 pieces of garlic and fry them in the wok with a little of EVO and chilli pepper. You can either use fresh chilli pepper or powder. Cut the red cabbage and the kale in small pieces while leaving the broccoli and the romanesco broccoli slightly bigger.

Add all in the wok and let it go, medium flame, for around 10 minutes covered in the wok. After that, add a bit of soy sauce and keep going for other 5 minutes without the cover.

Here you are, it is as simple as that. Give it a try, I’m quite sure no one will ever tell you that cabbage can’t be tasty!

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