Tempeh with Radicchio

Tempeh with Radicchio

A quick idea to get by splendidly when you lack time and imagination?

Many time it is exactly what we all need to vary what we serve. I’m not talking about a full and elaborated preparation, I’m talking about those Tuesday or Wednesday nights when you are already tired but the weekend still feels far far away.

Few days ago I had this very simple idea that turned out to be a quite nice solution.


– 300 gr tempeh
– 1 radicchio
– chestnuts
– soy sauce
– balsamic vinegar


As said at the beginning, the recipe is quite simple.

Slice your tempeh and marinate it, for at least 10/15 minutes, in soy sauce, adding a pinch of herbs and/or spices. This time, I had a mix already prepared which was basically coriander seeds and pepper, but you can vary based on what you have available and what is your inclination to spiciness.

Cut finely your radicchio, then put it in a pan with one teaspoon of EVO and Balsamic vinegar.

Cover the pan and steam it for about 5 minutes then add your tempeh slices and other soy sauce to give the right amount of seasoning. This allows you to avoid adding salt.

Let it go for other 5 minutes. One minute before cooking you can add three crushed chestnuts as, due to its sweet taste, they are a greatĀ balance to the bitterness of radicchio.

Here is it, enjoy!

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