About us

How many odds a lawyer and a telco engineer have to get along? Apparently more than you can imagine. I could name passion for traveling, attention to the environment, love for animals. And, quite recently, also what we eat.

I say recently, as I turned vegetarian “just” in 2014, while my wife has been since 5 and now she turned into a strict vegan.

I have been a meat lovers for the vast majority of my life but slowly it became natural to eat it less and less until the point it feels unnatural to feed on other living being.

Sharing your life with a partner who truly believes that the only salvation for us is to take care of the planet, and the only way to do it is to pay attention not only to what we eat, but also what we buy, how it is produced and so on, could be challenging and difficult from time to time, but I can assure you you won’t have flat days.

We decided to create this blog to share with you “how to survive with a vegan wife” and some of our cooking ideas. She is an excellent cook, we are both born and raised in a small city in the heart of Tuscany so when it goes down to food and recipes, we mean business!

We are not alone in this journey, we can rely on a team of passionate supporters


Her infinite reserve of energy and joy boosts our days. You know, that days in which you struggle getting out of our bed and getting on your feet?

She infuses so much happiness (and most of the time she is simply happy to see us…) that, no matter what, you almost always end up with a smile.

I said almost because no, when you wake up with a blazing headache even she is powerless.



He is a super hero. His secret weapon? A loud purr. No lies, we experienced first hand when we met him for the first time. Back in 2008, we decided to take a cat and my wife decided for a female puppy. We contacted some local animal shelters and when we found  a 15 days old puppy seeking home, we went there to see her. Well, that day we agreed with the volunteers that we would have come back in 45 days after her weaning, but that exact day we went home with him… a 1 year old male.

Since then he never failed one single day of pure admiration for us.

Downside, he has a nothing of the feline behaviour, he is our beloved simpleton.



She is the “female puppy”. Quite the opposite of his “foster brother”.

Shy, stubborn and incredibly smart. You never see her but she always sees you. She controls everything but hardly ever in plain sight.

With time, we learned her way to communicate her affection and, in her own way, she likes living with us. But we have to pretend we don’t know that.